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Baseball Prospectus’ year in quotes
January 2, 2009, 11:24 am
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If you’re a serious baseball fan but not a member of, you might want to reconsider, as they put out some pretty useful information and statistical analysis, as well as some generally well-written pieces about prospects and the trends they see in baseball.

They also run a regular feature called the Prospectus Q&A, where they sit down with a player, coach, or front office person and talk about various angles of the game. As a result, they gather a good amount of quotes that run the gamut – as would be expected given that baseball is a very quote-friendly game.

So if you have a free minute, take a peek at this article — you should be able to see some of it even if you’re not a subscriber to the site.

My personal favorite? Orlando Hudson’s about the way folks used to go to the ballgame. I love that old-timey stuff, when folks seemingly acted a bit better and treated the game as a real event.


Sunday’s here, time to catch up a bit

I started this on Sunday, now it’s Tuesday and I haven’t finished it. My attempt to catch up on some reading and writing (I know, fascinatingly multi-talented, aren’t I?) has taken longer than I planned.

If you subscribe to and thus have access to the articles, I think you’ll find this one interesting, as I did. There has been so much discussion as of late about the issues of parity and the AL being better than the NL, and the article does a good job explaining some of the factors that go into that, particularly as it relates to the Houston Astros.

There was going to be more – but I haven’t gotten to it. So read the article, post some comments, and stay tuned for more.