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Baseball and Black Friday
December 1, 2008, 2:40 pm
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I’ve been bothered by the whole Black Friday thing this year, more so than other years. I’ve never been big on it, but for some reason – maybe it’s this blog – it has really been sticking in my craw.

I’m only going to make mention of the absolutely senseless and tragic deaths that occured once – those are so hard to fathom,  I don’t even know a proper way to address them.

An article in Monday’s New York Times by David Carr did an absolutely excellent job in holding the media accountable for their role in the Black Friday madness.

But what bothers me is this absolute obsession with consumption that has become a focal point of American attention. There are people who camp out for a day or more simply to spend their hard-earned money on something that will most likely end up in the garbage and won’t fundamentally improve the true happiness and peace in anyone’s life.

I’ve been trying to find some lesson that baseball can teach us about not investing in material things and how to rise above such a thing as Black Friday that ends up turning people into consumption machines, and so far my search has come up dry.

So until I find something – I just implore you to rise above this madness of consumption if you are one who, as Mr. Carr says, hears the whistle of holiday shopping. Realize that consumption of physical goods is simply throwing things down a bottomless pit and will never provide true happiness, joy, and peace in life.


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