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Game 5 is upon us…
October 27, 2008, 5:39 pm
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…which leads me to wonder two things:

-Could this be it? The last MLB game of 2008?

-Has this World Series been as boring or unwatchable as some made it out to be prior to Game 1?

Since I won’t be able to answer the first question for a few hours, I’ll have to get back to you. But know that I’m rooting for a no.

As for question two, I certainly don’t think so. With the exception of Game 4, every game was well within reach by either team the whole way through,

What is disappointing is how it seems the Rays have had a power outage at the plate in the World Series. They were so hot the first two rounds, but their bats have gone cold and their defense has committed at least one error in eight straight games. Certainly the latter isn’t a death sentence, but the former certainly makes it hard to win, and admittedly makes the game a bit less engaging to watch if you’re a fan of offense.

I’m in the camp of wanting to see a well-pitched and well-defended game before a slugfest; one of my former co-workers is in the exact opposite camp and isn’t afraid to remind me of our difference of preference.

Seeing Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria go 0-for-31 up until the 4th inning of Game 5 is frustrating, because the World Series should be the time the big players contribute and someone comes forth as the real star of the Series. But I would take their futility in exchange for watching Cole Hamels pitch as well as he has, and Jamie Moyer come back from two pretty bad starts in the NLDS and NLCS to have a great game in Game 3. Let’s not forget about Joe Blanton in Game 4…a mid-season trade that seemed somewhat questionable at the time, but I’m sure the Phillies are glad they made after Sunday night.

And here comes the rain, again. I do feel for those fans out in the drizzle…that’s part of what makes baseball great: we don’t play in bad weather.


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