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Mike Freeman says no one will watch

I know, you’re shaken that such a major opinon shaper such as Mike Freeman has already dismissed the 2008 World Series as unwatchable.

I feel bad giving such a bad opinion piece such as Mike Freeman’s on a link, but it is purely for illustrative purposes.

Clearly Mr. Freeman doesn’t really give a rip about baseball and the possibility that this could turn into one of the better World Series we’ve seen. He’s already written it off because the two participants don’t bring enough blood-seeking venom into the arena to warrant his interest.

I even bothered to read Mr. Freeman’s credentials, just to see if he had any, and I’m not sure he does, other than that he’s worked at lots of other papers before entering the online realm.

Now I don’t disagree with everything he says – Tampa Bay’s fans don’t really warrant hardcore status, short of those that actually own season tickets and go to games. It’s a shame they’re being lumped in with the rest of the bandwagoneers, because they should be getting some kind of special love for this. Especially those that have had tickets since day one. That’s some hardcore support, right there. I hope they get rings if the Rays win it all.

But look – it’s not like they have a real track record of success. They’d never had a winning record prior to 2008. Heck, their best record still had them 21 games under .500 back in 2004! So after 10 years of that, even I’d be a bit leery of expectations.

Now with Philly, though – that’s a bit of a different story. Philadelphia fans in general are known the sports world over, let alone just their baseball fans. They booed Santa Claus, threw batteries inside of snowballs at an Eagles game…come on, these guys and gals should be serious. How can you not say Philly provides some kind of interest in the game?

While my knowledge of these two teams isn’t as deep as if it had been some other clubs, I certainly welcome the opportunity to watch players who have just as much skill but don’t get as much recognition show their ability on the world’s stage for all to see.

Mr. Freeman, there’s a seat on my couch and beers in the fridge for you – come on over and we’ll watch the entire World Series and I’ll show you why it isn’t to be dismissed.


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