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Oh, the days when the sweaters come out (and go on), and what do I want for dinner?
September 9, 2008, 7:12 pm
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There’s something about living in the Northwest when the seasons change, particularly from summer to fall. For me, it’s feeling that first wind that lets you know fall is around the corner. I don’t know why, but I always seem to notice it when I’m at the ballpark, generally in the first or second week of September.

The sun starts to go down a bit earlier, the crowds thin out a bit with the kids back in school and the temperature starting to dip just a bit – enough to make you think twice about leaving the house without both sweater and jacket. And even though the game time temperature tonight was a respectable 67 degrees, those five miles per hour of northeast winds is enough to make me don the sweater I brought with me. Not to mention that it seems like the press box is always the coldest part of any ballpark, save for maybe the concession refrigerators.

It’s a time that I’m not particularly fond of; it means the season is winding down- only 18 left for my Mariners going into tonight’s game against the Rangers, and with our hopes of postseason play dashed officially at the end of August – unofficially in late May – there’s not much to look forward to from my team except Spring Training 2009.

Of course, that’s not to say that my interest in baseball has been dashed for the remainder of the season; if anything, it continues to grow. I want to see every one of these last games, plus as many playoff games as possible, then a trip to the Arizona Fall League, and maybe if I get really frisky, a trip to another country to watch some winter baseball.

I know that they will have to last me until next season, because no matter how many Caribbean Series games I’m able to watch (thank you, DirecTV sports package!), they just don’t replace seeing games played by a team you actually have an interest in.

So I’m left with a cold night, a game that really means nothing in the grand scheme of it, and the reminder that fall, winter, and the end of the 2008 season is just around the corner. And I hate to say it, this game as of now stinks, as the M’s are down 4-1 in the top of the 3rd.

Which takes me to the second part of this post — what do I want for dinner? As I perused the food offerings of Safeco FIeld, I just couldn’t find anything that satisfied both taste buds and wallet. Is it wrong to balk at $9.50 for buffalo chicken tenders and fries? Or $7 for a burger that, while good, isn’t really $7 good?

Now I will say, that there is some pretty decent food at the park — the pork sandwich in the Bullpen Pub is very good, albeit for $12 or something like that. The Thai food is also solid, and Ivar’s makes some pretty good fish.

I will also say that the food they serve in the media dining room is fairly good. Tonight is was some kind of pasta and turkey breast, I believe; they also always have a decent selection of sandwiches. But none of that really sounded good either.

So to provide some closure to this post, I had one of the free hot dogs they put in the press box and a couple brownies. Not really cuisine, but sometimes you just have to have something to put in your system. And if nothing sounds really enjoyable, I figure I’m better off not paying for it.


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