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I wish you’d been traded!
August 3, 2008, 12:30 am
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Have you ever wanted to say that to a ballplayer? Well, tonight, I did. I wanted to, that is. I didn’t actually do it.

My hometown club, of which I am a season ticket holder, had their annual early admission night for those who fork over large amounts of money during the winter for the privilege of sitting in the same seat 81 times over the course of six months.

As certain players came over to sign autographs and take photos, there were a few whose name had been floating in the trade winds of the past week that I wanted to look into their eyes and say “I really wish you’d been traded.”

Not to be mean – but because when someone has the opportunity to go somewhere better, and assuming the player is at least a half-decent individual, I’d want them to have that chance.

Now certainly I wouldn’t say this if I felt the player had the chance to be part of the future of my favorite team. But if they’re in the final year of their deal, and most likely wouldn’t be coming back anyway, what’s the harm?

But I didn’t — not really sure how to say it, and especially not having the time nor place to get into the proper conversation about it. But I was sure thinking it.


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