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Is it wrong to root for your team to lose?
August 1, 2008, 7:51 pm
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I know that it goes against code to actively root for your team to lose. There’s a saying in baseball — FLAP — Finish Like a Pro. Go out with your head high, run out the grounders, play to win no matter what.

But while that’s great and all for the players, let’s talk about us fans. Particularly those of us who are stuck rooting for last-place teams that have no shot of making the postseason, and would need to play out of their minds to just make it back to .500. Not to mention a team that absolutely dug in their heels and refused to make a trade before the deadline that would help their club. A team carrying around a payroll of nearly $120 million, with virtually no one worth coming out and watching, let alone anyone who will probably be around in the time it will take to turn this thing around, assuming the people in charge find a competent general manager to spearhead that process.

The frustration of this season has become painfully palpable – and while there are still fans coming to the ballpark – myself included – I find it hard to cheer for anything other than my team to lose to the point where they will get the #1 draft pick and hopefully lose some free agents while picking up compensation draft picks, because at this point, that’s all that can make this team better.

As a matter of fact – these guys are down 7-0 in the 5th to the worst team in another division as I write this. This is God-awful, but for some reason I have to think it’s the only way things will ever get better.

Make it 9-0.


While I want my team to ultimately do well – I know they won’t this year, and most likely next year either. They just aren’t built for it. So if acquiring high level draft picks is probably the best way to build for the future – and the only way to acquire high level draft picks is to have a bad record — is it wrong to hope my team loses?

You tell me.


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