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Addendum to my jersey post below
July 1, 2008, 4:55 pm
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I also play in an adult baseball league – and part of the gig is that all the teams wear the jerseys of Major, Minor, or Negro League ballclubs.

I wish we could prohibit players on the Mariners wearing 11, 24, 51, and so on. Likewise for other teams.

Show some respect, folks.


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Isn’t wearing hallowed numbers – exactly that, showing respect? I’m all for taking the names off the jerseys, but I’m not sure I agree with your reasoning.

Here in Toronto, we seem to be very careful about retiring numbers. The Blue Jays only have 42 retired, but have honored players by putting them in “the level of excellence” which honors the player & the number (42 is also honored in this way). As far as I can discern, this follows the practice of the Maple Leafs, who have only 2 retired numbers (and are unlikely to add more) plus the league-wide retired 99… but 13 numbers that hang from the rafters in honor. I mention this because that I’m totally with you – I’d rather die than wear a hockey sweater that read: Taylor 99 or baseball jersey that was the same with 42, beyond that? Fair game, not because other numbers aren’t worthy of the honor, just that the bar should be higher…good as Mariner’s 11, 24 and 51 were, they were no 42/99.

Comment by cptaylor

I’d be willing to go along with the statement that wearing someone else’s number is a sign of respect, albeit with the qualification that wearing someone’s number with your name isn’t.

I think the situation in Toronto is similar to that in Seattle when it comes to retired numbers.

Frankly, the Mariners haven’t had many numbers to retire. The Mariners’ qualifications for number retirement state that only players who have been elected to the Hall of Fame and have played with the team for at least five years, or those who narrowly missed election. As of now, that gives us zero candidates.

With all due respect to Toronto, I believe they’re in the same situation. There’s just not a lot of candidates. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I think it’s cool that Toronto has the level of excellence — the Seahawks have a similar setup here, whereas the Mariners don’t. They have a Mariners Hall of Fame, but that is located on the main concourse of the stadium, and even then it’s a bit off the beaten path.

I’m with you on the tiers of numbers…and each team has it’s own level of importance, so this topic, while applicable on a wide-spread level, has more discussion points at the local level. With all due respect, 99 doesn’t have quite the same meaning here – simply because we don’t have an NHL franchise. We have a minor-league club, and there are certainly hockey fans here, just not to the same extent as other places.

It’s an interesting discussion to say the least. If we were to say that certain numbers were “off-limits” league-wide, such as 42 and 99, I’d be interested to know which numbers would be off limits in your local area. I’ve made the case for 11, 24, and 51 in Seattle, what are yours?

Comment by Pat Lagreid

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