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Why haven’t I been writing?
June 27, 2008, 3:11 pm
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I don’t know. I’ve been my usual busy self; maybe having the Mariners out of town on a 9-game, 11-day road trip has something to do with it. Out of sight, out of mind?

Not really – but I have been finding it harder to pay attention to what the team does when they’re on the road, especially when they’re playing in the early evening, which is usually when I have other things going on.

Suffice to say that this hasn’t really been a season that commands attention — as of 6/27 the Mariners are the only team without 30 wins, are the only team with 50 losses and seem to be gearing up for a major overhaul from (almost) the top to bottom. I hope it will be a fun and engaging process to watch and be somewhat close to; kind of like ripping up your lawn and flower beds and starting all over with the intent to produce the majority of your own fruits and vegetables.

There’s a few things on the horizon – instant replay and a decision on maple bats – that will have an interesting impact on the game. If maple bats are banned, it will be interesting to see how offense is affected. Still looking for the impacts on steroids on the record books and league averages, the potential eradication of maple will add another variable to this discussion.

Instant replay is a whole different story – and one that will have a much greater impact on the game. I’m looking forward to seeing a collection of all the great plays and calls that would have been subject to replay had it been available. That could make for some good watchin’.

The whole Shawn Chacon thing is disgraceful — but I wonder if some other team will pick him up. The question of morality and off-field (albeit in the clubhouse) actions affecting on-field time is an age-old one; I would venture to guess that someone will sign him, quietly, to a minor-league deal so that he can get his issues worked out. Wife beaters, crackheads, steroid users and numerous other “criminals” have been allowed to play the game; we’ve clearly shown that past actions are no barrier to future participation (see Josh Hamilton and Latrell Spreewell).

Which brings up a thought – how much does one league look to another for guidance when it comes to things like this? Will someone from MLB call up the NBA discplinary office and see how they handled the Spreewell case?

It is nice to finally have a taste of summer up here in the Pacific Northwest, and while I’m glad to be back out on the field with my adult-league team, it stinks being 0-3 and carrying a .200 average isn’t really what I was hoping for. But it is mostly fun, and at least we’ll be hitting wood bats tomorrow instead of the metal. Let me tell you – I feel bad for every catcher and umpire that is involved in an aluminum bat game; your ears almost ring at the end of it, which is just another occupational hazard of being behind the plate.

Too bad we’re playing on a turf  field with no fences. Oh well, can’t have everything.

If you have a minute, pop over to my other blog, the Baseball Book Review. I’ve got a couple new posts up there, including Chris Coste’s The 33-Year-Old Rookie and Nicholas Dawidoff’s The Crowd Sounds Happy.

With that, I’m going to finish reading the newspaper and catch some sunshine while it lasts.


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