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What a great sound –
June 2, 2008, 5:17 pm
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Have you ever had that experience of having a sound catch your attention? It made you stop what you were doing; it cleared all thought from your head and sucked you immediately into the present?

Well, that’s the experience I just had.

Here I am sitting in the press box at Safeco Field, reading yesterday’s New York Times and waiting for tonight’s game to start when the Los Angeles Angels took the field and begun their warmups – and what a sound they made.

The batters all seemed to be making immaculately clean contact with the ball during batting practice, resulting in a pop of wood meeting the wool, leather and rubber baseball. The lighter hit fungos chimed in like snare drums complimenting the bass resonating from the batting cage.

In the field, the clacking of balls meeting gloves added a swing to the rhythm; between the pitchers playing catch down the left field line, to the infielders receiving the above mentioned fungos, they added to the joyous sound.

It was fast – it had soul – but more important it had purpose. This was a sound that I hadn’t heard in a while. I’ve heard batting practice before – hundreds probably. But few caught my attentioin like this one did.

It was the batting practice of a team who came to play and came to win. If the Angels win the World Series this year – I think I might no why. They’ve had the best sounding batting practice I’ve heard so far.

What a sound. If only it hadn’t been ruined by the music being played in the stadium. Nothing says baseball like Video Killed the Radio Star.


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