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Requiem for a season
May 28, 2008, 7:21 pm
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While the doctor hasn’t made the official time of death call, my team’s season has been given a terminal sentence by the baseball gods. And while recovery is not completely out of the question, it would certainly defy logic, good sense, and history if it were to happen.

A season should not die this young. The blossoms had not opened, the fragrant smell of its buds had not yet enchanted those who came in contact with it.

Yet here it is, four days before the start of June and the prognosis for my ballclub has been rendered – a long, slow, painful demise.

Maybe it was conceived with a defect that would claim its young life; or maybe it was handled improperly upon delivery.

The grieving process is never easy, let alone when it is for one for whom such high hopes were held. Would this be the season where the cylinders would line up and click open the door to the postseason that the city and the faithful had been eagerly anticipating?

Sadly, it would not.

Instead, the promise of a bountiful harvest was interrupted by the frost of our offense’s cold bats. What should have been hard sliders and fastballs of our pitching staff were overripe, coming out soft and fat to be picked by the thieverous hands of our opponents.

Sure the crop will bear some fruit – the occasional highlight play, a walkoff homerun and such. Maybe if there is an exceptional one in the bunch it might even bear a no-hitter. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves for fear of further disappointment.

Sadly, with our hearts and minds we lay to rest hopes of a prosperous 2008 campaign, hopeful for a rebirth as a contender in 2009. Let us cherish the days we have with this season and enjoy what we can out of the remaining four months, hopeful for good times that we will be able to take with us.


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