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I’ve slept, so I must write.
May 5, 2008, 8:28 pm
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Sitting at the Mariners-Rangers game, and finally finding enough time to put some random thoughts out into cyberspace.

Last week was a rough one – basically mental and physical exhaustion from the buildup to the season, hence no posts. The words just weren’t coming.

So with that being said, the May issue of the Grand Salami is out…pick one (or more) up if you’re coming to a Mariners game.

I had the chance to see and call some of the USF-Gonzaga games this weekend. If you want to hear it, here is Saturday’s game and here is Sunday’s. Go Dons!

Came across this video of the Royals’ Joey Gathright jumping over cars. Oh to have hops.

Nice article in the May 5, 2008 edition of the Sporting News about the new crop of base stealers. Having watched Rickey Henderson when I was growing up, I miss seeing speedsters on the bases…the game has taken to protecting base runners so that the big hitters can drive them in.

In-game thought — people, stop booing when the opposing pitcher throws inside. Most of you don’t have an idea how came the pitch actually came to the guy, and most probably haven’t stood in against a big-league fastball, much less with a big-league hitter’s mindset. Boo if he hits him, just save it when he comes inside, and show your real knowledge of the game. Back to your regular programming.

Todd Jones from the Tigers also has a nice piece in the same issue of TSN. He’s a regular columnist, and this week writes a historic piece that centers around his recent 40th birthday, comparing the current game to when he broke into the big leagues in 1993.

Finally from TSN this week, a photo on the final page of a police cruiser being burned after the Montreal Canadiens picked up a first-round victory over the Boston Bruins. I know that’s a hockey mention, but it serves a bigger purpose. Please don’t burn things when your favorite sports team wins. Just not a good move. Although I think it would be interesting to see golf fans rioting in the streets after Tiger or Mickelson wins a major. That’s not an encouragement or incitement to do it — purely just an observation.

Another off-topic thing that’s been driving me nuts lately — if you play a game that involves 14 clubs, 18 holes and a little white ball, you are playing golf. You don’t golf, you don’t go golfing…you play golfing, you are going to play golf. Get it straight. You don’t baseball, you don’t soccer, tennis, or football. Golf is not a verb. And don’t try and tell me that golf is a verb like run and swim. It’s not, and I don’t care what the dictionary says on this one. Besides…it’s the third definition, so it doesn’t get a ton of love from me.

I’m late coming to the party on this article, but if you’re not familiar with the story of Jason Koenig, who sued his school district, claiming that his high school baseball coach was effectively negligent for overusing him and ruining his arm. A jury found that the district wasn’t at fault, but it brings to light an interesting issue that could be discussed more in the coming months and years, especially in our lawsuit-happy society.

That’s it for now…more to come soon. Stay tuned.


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