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Gotta get some more things off my chest…
April 24, 2008, 11:53 pm
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I’m not sure how it is at your local baseball park…but here’s how it is at mine: a foul balls goes in front of the seats, and assuming a fan doesn’t get it, the ballgirl comes over, picks it up and gives it to a kid.

OK – no big deal, right?

Well what happens if the ball is hit pretty hard and a grown up makes a pretty good play on it but can’t find the handle? Does that person get the ball? Nope. Goes to a kid.

Look – I get the whole family-friendly deal…everyone goes home with a souvenir, children are our future mindset of my local club. But do we have to do it at the expense of the older folks? Flip the guy the ball that he made a play on and prevented from killing the kid in the row behind him if he had ducked. Don’t run it to the kid that came flying down the steps from row 30 and has cotton candy all over his trap.

And by the way…parents: clean your kid’s mouth when they’ve been gnawing on the blue cotton candy. Or better yet, teach them to do it, and teach them that they need to do it so they don’t look like a gluttonous fool. Thanks.

And grown-ups: don’t be the jerk who jumps up to intercept a ball being thrown to a kid in the stands. Look – we’re not as cute as we used to be, at least most of us aren’t…deal with it and let the kid catch the ball. I’m sick of jerkies like you getting booed and shamed into giving the ball to the kid it was intended for, all to a sudden round of applause. That’s a flop in my book…and fans: don’t cheer the yutz. You’re just making the problem worse.

I think that’s it for now. Check back soon because I’m sure they’ll be more.


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