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Baseball needs a clock? Here we go again.
April 9, 2008, 12:08 am
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I came across this post as I was logging in the other day, and it just spurred me to respond.

My first was response was going to be an angry one, but I realized that wouldn’t be the most productive.

So I went back and re-read the post.

Then my response was going to be more along the line of psycho-analysis, which I don’t know much about, so scratch that.

Back to re-reading it.

Not sure exactly what to make of it – other than that it’s a vent session, and I’m a little less wound up about it than I was when I first read it. Which turns out to be a good life lesson. Instead of just blowing up about something when you first see/hear/read/think it, if you sit on it for a bit, you become a bit more level-headed and more apt to respond in a productive manner.

That being said – I love the fact that baseball doesn’t have a clock, It reminds us that life isn’t lived on the clock – it’s lived by the quality of your work. If you can work good and fast, all the better. If you can’t, then so be it. It’s not punishment if a game goes long or if it’s delayed by rain – although some could see it that way. But more importantly, it reminds us that none of us operates on our own schedule when you really get down to it.

Most of live by schedules of one sort or another – and when one part of that schedule, say a ballgame – doesn’t fit into our neatly Outlooked day, we get out-of-sorts about it. Sad, isn’t it?

I understand having to get up early — believe me, I understand it. But I also understand the lessons that baseball has to offer. And if anything – let it teach all of us that if we don’t like being held to someone else’s schedule, we should go out and make our own. When you think about it – none of those players, managers, umpires, or owners has any more control over the game as anyone else. If the rain falls and there’s no roof overhead, we’re all equally screwed. If I’m a pitcher and working fast but the other pitcher is taking his time of my teammates are stepping out of the box between every pitch and adjusting their batting gloves, well guess what? I’m screwed.

We live an interdependent life, and as much as we want to convince ourselves otherwise, we can’t escape it. Move to an island, be a hermit, and it’ll still rain on you every once in a while.


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I couldn’t agree with you more. Glad you took the time to reread my blog and see that I really actually do like the game. It was a work vent…not a vent against the sport. BTW…I did get some people to respond to my blog who didn’t quite see it your way. Thanks man!

Comment by alntv

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