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$20 and I won’t mention you in this post.
January 25, 2008, 9:44 am
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I can’t help but think about the Canseco-Ordonez saga that bubbled up the other day.

I admit that I want to read Canseco’s book — if nothing less because it could be sensationalist garbage that makes me appreciate quality literature that isn’t written by a has-been seeking the spotlight.

At best, it could be the Mitchell Report without the niceties and properness.

What does it say about Canseco if this is true? I think the answer’s simple – that he’s a dirty rotten bum. But what does it say about Ordonez if he had paid the money? How many other players has Canseco gone to with this deal? How many have accepted, how many have said nothing, and how many will say nothing about it?

Canseco broke the bond of the clubhouse – and for that he’s probably been shunned fairly thoroughly. However – he still has the power of the pen and some shred of credibility – albeit frayed and delicate. If I was a steroid user and he came to me with that offer – I’d sure as heck have to give it serious consideration. But then how do you enforce it? And what happens if he takes your money and puts you in the book anyway? What’s your recourse?

What would you do if you were in that situation? Post your thoughts!


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