Baseball On My Brain

The Diamondbacks are just givin’ em away!

The Arizona Diamondbacks recently announced their Play Ball Scholarship Fund, designed to give tickets to fans who have found themselves unable to afford the cost of going to a game.

Great idea, right? I think so — or at least I really want to think so.

So I poked around for some opinions on this – and some feel that the D-Backs’ motivation isn’t totally genuine.

The D-Backs ranked 20th out of 30 teams in 2007 in attendance, at 58.3% of capacity. They didn’t sell out their playoff games in the NLDS – against the Cubs, no less. So is this a move to somehow short the supply of tickets a bit, generate a bit of good will, or a mix of both and other factors?

I really think the motivation is pretty good – and that everyone who wants to see a game should have the opportunity to do so. I’ve said for a while that it’s amazing how much other stuff goes on at a game — and that the game has almost turned into a break from the other stuff for me.

There’s a side of me that really wants to go on a tangent about how shallow most forms of entertainment are — but I won’t. I’ll save that for another day.

So back to the issue – how should the D-Backs new program be looked at? I’ll err on the side of genuine goodwill on this one.


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