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What to write about?
December 27, 2007, 11:11 pm
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Sometimes topics come to me. Sometimes I have to scour around for topics to write about. Today’s one of those days.

It’s dreary weather here in Seattle – yet another reason I hate winter in these parts. Someday I’ll just bite the bullet and move to Phoenix and be done with it.

Anyway – here’s what has popped up on my radar today.

Dick Heller of the Washington Post’s article entitled “Who can we believe in now?” jumped out to me today. I’ve been accused of being pessimistic when it comes to ethics in sports every so often, particularly in light of the Mitchell Report. But for some reason Mr. Heller’s column really put me in a funk — but not because his piece is doom-and-gloom, but simply because it lays out an expectation that athletes are supposed to be role models.

Are they? My sweeping generalization is no – they’re not. At least not role models for how to be a great human being. Hopefully for training and mechanics of the sport – as well as the mental side of the game, but beyond that, it’s a crap shoot.

Somedays I think we’d be better off with Role Model Certification. Or Role Model Training. You’d get a title after your name that indicates that you’re a Certified Role Model (TM). Pat Lagreid, C.R.M. Or maybe just Pat Lagreid, R.M.

Charles Barkley said it best: I’m not a role model. I don’t get paid to be a role model.

I think there are some pretty good guys playing baseball — Mark Loretta, Raul Ibanez, Jamie Moyer, and so on. I also think there are some bums. But to think that ballplayers should be role models is an excuse for lazy parenting. Not to draw parallels to the Jamie Lynn Spears mess, but just because someone’s on Nickelodeon means they’re a role model. Same for sports.

All right – enough of that. What else?

Mark Prior signed with the Padres. Good for him – low risk deal for the Padres. I don’t know all the specifics about his career – but it certainly stinks to see a guy with so much promise and potential as he seemed to have never really realize all of it.

I’m convinced that the Royals are going to compile a team of former Mariners and they’ll end up winning the World Series because of it. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

The whole Mitchell Report continues to stay in the news. I know it won’t be fast, but I look forward to seeing conclusive evidence that Roger Clemens either did or didn’t do steroids/HGH/Yoo-Hoo/whatever. I was pretty disappointed with his staged video response last week. It was effectively meaningless — if he was committed to clearing his name, he should get out the lie detector, call out every attorney he knows, and get to work. Don’t be fooled by a “video statement.” I feel bad for the guy if the report was wrong – and I hope it is. But if someone calls you out, be ready to turn the fires of hell on them to refute their claims.

I also have to say how much the Dan Haren trade makes Arizona pretty dangerous next year. I’m glad to have him out of the AL West.

That’s it for the moment —


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