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December 27, 2007, 7:55 pm
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Baseball generates a lot of stuff.

Broken bats. Foul balls. Game used this-and-that. Heck, a can of bug spray used during the ALCS brought in over $600 at auction a while back. MLB makes oodles of money through their auction site. I’ve contributed to that oodlage, I won’t lie.

But as I’m getting a bit older, I find myself accepting that catching a foul ball or getting a broken bat after a game won’t make me happy or significantly add to my life.

Yet in a lot of ways I still want those things.

I’m not sure what it is — which is partially why I’m writing it down so that I can work through it – but the whole thing about collecting autographs, balls, bats, and other baseball stuff is starting to wear on me.

Going to a lot of baseball games has afforded me the opportunity to rub elbows with some pretty serious autograph hounds. I’m not talking about kids here — although there is a share of them as well. I’m talking about anyone of voting age or above.

In Seattle we have a few guys who show up religiously, always with a duffel bag full of balls, cards, or other stuff they hope to get signed. I’ve asked them a few times why they pursue this quest — and both seem to shy away from any financial aspect and steer towards the “these are my memories” angle.

There’s a side of me that worries that I’m taking a turn onto Hypocrite Drive — so understand that I’m already aware of it. I’ve got boxes of baseball cards and a room dedicated to my baseball stuff. No lie. The question is do I want more of it – and if so, why?

It’s exciting as hell to have a player flip you a ball or even a broken bat. Some lucky folks have even gotten a player’s glove once he’s convinced it’s no longer field-worthy. Some folks buy stuff – stadium seats, on deck circles, and so on. Baseball has so much history that it is nice to be able to connect with it through tangible items.

But is that really connecting? I’m not sure. I keep a scorebook – mainly to keep myself focused on the game and look for little trends developing that I wouldn’t see otherwise. It definitely connects me to the game at hand, but I don’t look back on old score sheets to reminisce. Maybe I’m the crazy one – but I’m honest.

At this point, the personal resolution is still a work in progress. Share your thoughts and help me work through this…and stay tuned for more updates.


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